Dead Trees (2009)

the ossuary is revealed in its details, in the still open and bleeding wounds not only in figurative terms because with the passing of days the lacerated bark takes on the reddish colours of coagulated blood. Here the sense of violence is stronger, as of abandonment and death. The grazed timber, still bearing the rough and encrusted qualities of the organic surface material, of the action produced by atmospheric agents over the years.

Mauro Minardi
from the preface to Dead Trees, Ravenna, Danilo Montanari editore, 2006.

I thought the sadness of where I live was very great, but I see we share the same weight.
The pictures seem to me as wrenching as old tragedy...bloody, terrible, unanswerable...and though not beautiful by common standards
I think they're the best pictures you've made

Robert Adams
letter dated June 17th, 2010.